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All About Me

My name is Heather Denune and I am so excited to be your child's teacher this year. I graduated from the University of Houston-Clear Lake with a bachelors degree in early childhood education. I am certified to teach Pre K-4th grade as well as ESL and Gifted and Talented. This will be my 13th year teaching in Tomball and all have been in first grade! I love being a first grade teacher and seeing the excitement and growth that occurs during this year. I have been married for 16 years to my husband Aaron and we have two daughters. Reese will be entering high school and Saige is in Jr. High.  We also have a two young golden retrievers!  I love coffee, reading, people and Jesus! 
My main goal for your child is to LOVE school. I want them to be excited to learn and be apart of our classroom every single day. My focus is make your child a successful reader, writer and mathematician. We will reach for the GOLD every day!
My favorite things :
Favorite Food: Chick Fil A /Panera/Mexican
Favorite Stores/Things-Amazon, Hobby Lobby, Target
Favorite Drink: 1/2 and 1/2 tea, diet coke, skinny vanilla late
Hobbies: Reading, Movies, mani/pedi



Welcome to first grade! 

I can't wait to meet my new first graders at meet the teacher! Please feel free to bring your supplies. 

May 27 Last Day of school

Tiger Families, 
We have had such a wonderful year. Thank you for entrusting me with your child. The growth we have seen this year has been amazing. Each child embraced our new school, a different year with a positive attitude. I have loved getting to know your child and teaching them every day. 
Thursday we will have pizza served. If your child does not want pizza please pack a lunch. 
Mrs. Denune 

Last Week of School

Good Evening Parents, 

We have almost made it, just four more days! Next week, we are planning some fun & engaging activities & need your help, please.


Donations needed:

  • 20 containers of bubbles​



​Assist your child in packing 3-5 favorite books, a flashlight  & a towel or blanket. We will read with flashlights in the classroom & enjoy some fun activities with watermelons.


*Monday is also Field Day*

We are encouraging our students to wear Tiger gear or black & gold. We will have a class picnic on this day.

The TISD visitor policy remains in effect, so visitors are not allowed at these events. 


Tuesday & Wednesday:​

​Assist your child in bringing a favorite board game/card game/etc. Please do not send electronics. We will chew gum in class while we play games & we will blow bubbles outside. (I will provide bubble gum.) And, on Wednesday, we will enjoy s'mores cookies while playing games​. (I will provide the cookies.)


LAST DAY! We will enjoy a pizza party in our classroom. If you child does not care for pizza, please send a lunch. The cafeteria will not be open on the last day.

Upcoming events

Howdy Tigers,
We have so many fun upcoming events I wanted to make you aware of. 
  1. Monday 5/17-Kickball Event- 4th grade vs staff. Please bring a towel to sit on outside while we view the game. The purpose is to "Kick Out Hunger". Please have your child donate canned goods, rice, flour etc. 
  2. Tuesday 5/18 -Story Walk/Rock Painting. Students will paint rocks outside. 
  3. Thursday 5/20-Field Day 
Please bring the following...
  • water bottle
  • towel
  • change of clothes (students will get wet)
  • sack lunch for outdoor picnic (If your student needs/wants to buy the cafeteria  will be open)
  • Wear comfortable clothes for running and your best GOES tiger shirt
  • Apply any sunscreen/bug spray at home
  • good sportsmanship 

April 19-23

Week at a Glance: 
Word Work-I can read and write words with vowel digraphs. (ai...snail, pail)
Reading/Writing: I can generate and answer questions. We will be going through the process of research in first grade. The big idea here is that students are able to understand how to ask relevant questions and know where and how to look up those answers. 
Math: I can solve word problems to sums of 20. 
Science: I can identify animals and their adaptations. 
We are still trying to get time on lexia. Please use some reading time at home to log on and try this for our pizza party prize. 

April 12-16

Week at a glance...
Word Work-I can read and write with vowel pairs (ea) 
Reading-I can identify the characters and a reason for their actions. 
Writing-I can write a personal narrative using capitals and punctuation. 
Math-I can add and subtract to 20 using word problems. *The main focus will be identifying what the word problem operation is before trying to solve. 
Science-I can identify animals body coverings. 
*Contest time* We are having a classroom school contest to see who can get the most minutes on our word work program lexia. The students will continue to use lexia during their station/computer time but you can help us gain more time by using this at home as well. Students log in to their clever badge and may access this at home. It is an invaluable resource to help students learn to read and write through individualized word work. It targets the skills students need. 
The winner gets a pizza party!

March 30-April 2

Specials-MWF PE (don't forget your shoes)
Snack-Please bring one healthy snack for your child.
Book Fair-We will shop at the book fair on Tuesday. 
**No school April 2nd**
This week our learning objectives are...
Word Work-I can spell and read words with vowel digraphs. (-ee-) 
Reading-I can use rhyme, rhythm, and alliteration in poetry. 
Writing-I can write poems. 
Math-I can identify numbers greater and less than up to 120. I can order numbers using an open number line. 
Science-I can identify the parts of plants and their use. (seed, stem, leaf, flower)
Please continue reading at home every night. 

March 8-12

Week at a Glance 
Word Work-I can encode and decode _tch words (watch, fetch, pitch)
Reading-I can make connections to stories read aloud. 
Writing-I can write a personal narrative. We will use mentor text to observe the craft author's use in their writing to help us in ours. 
Math-I can identify halves and fourths. 
Science-I can describe living and nonliving things. 

Homework-Read your book every night and discuss the parts with your family. 
Special Announcement: I will be at Spring Creek BBQ serving rolls for our fundraiser Wednesday from 5:30-6:00. I would love to see you there. 
Virtual Career Day-If you would like to share your career with our school please contact our counselor for more information. 

February 8th-12th

Week at a glance
Life Principle of the week-Empathy 
MWF (art/music)
TTH PE-Don't forget your shoes
Word Work-I can read and spell words with the r controlled vowel "ur" (fur, curl)
Reading-I can identify the structural organization of nonfiction. 
*We are studying biographies of important people in our world. 
Writing-I can write informational text. 
Science/Social Studies-I can use a map. 
Math-I can add and subtract to 20. We are taking a math assessment on Friday over addition and subtraction. I will be sending home a review we will do together in class on Monday. 
Friday will be our Valentine's Party. 
Please continue reading at home. We have access to reading a-z for all students. 

February 1-5

Week at a Glance 
Word Work-I can read and spell words with "ir" (girl, bird, chirp etc)
Reading-I can recognize characteristics and structures  of nonfiction text including chronological order. 
Writing-I can write informational text. 
Math-I can add and subtract to 20. 
Social Studies-I can use maps. 

Please continue to read every night. 
Please bring in your Valentine's Cards by Friday 2/5. 

Valentine's Party Information

Valentine's Day Class Parties

In order to safely celebrate our upcoming Valentine's Day, please see the following:


1. At this time visitors/volunteers are not allowed on campus.

2. Students may bring enough Valentine cards for their class by February 5th in order for cards to be "quarantined" prior to our parties. We have 23 students. Please bring the cards unaddressed but enough for every student. 

3. Thanks to our PTO for providing bags, snacks, drinks and games!

Please do not send in a decorated box or bag. We will decorate the bags at school that PTO is providing for us. 

4. Teacher will facilitate parties to provide opportunities to practice social and emotional skills.

5. Virtual classes will conduct parties synchronously and have an opportunity to pick up party items. More info on pick up process forthcoming.


Thanks to our Tiger families for your flexibility and understanding as we create opportunities in alignment with our safety guidelines.

January 25-29

Week at a Glance
Life Principle-Empathy
Specials-TTH pe MWF art/music
Word Work-I can read and spell r controlled vowels with "ir", such as shirt, dirt, girl etc. 
Reading-I can identify the central idea and details of a nonfiction text with adult assistance. 
Writing-I can write informational (all about) text. 
Math-I can add and subtract to sums of 20 using different strategies.
Science/Social Studies-I can describe the uses of soil, rocks and water. 

January 18-22

Week at a glance: 
Life principle: Justice 
TTH-PE Don't forget your shoes!
Tuesday is library day! 

Word Work: I can spell and read r controlled vowels with the _or_ sound. 
Reading: I can identify the central idea and supporting details with adult assistance. 
Writing: I can write informational text. 
Math: I can represent numbers to 120. We will take an assessment on Friday. 
Science/Social Studies: I can identify the uses of soil, rocks, and water.
*Monday is a holiday honoring MLK. Enjoy your day off. 

January 11-15

Life Principle of the week: Integrity 
Specials: MWF PE
T/TH Art/Music
Library -Tuesday 
Word Work-I can read and write words with r-controlled vowels. 
Reading-I can identify text features in nonfiction books. 
Writing-I can write informational text. 
Math-I can represent numbers to 120. 
Science-I can identify objects in the sky. 
We will be assessing reading levels during this time. Please continue reading at home and practicing sight words to help your child reach their reading goal. 

January 6-8

Welcome back! We are so excited to see everyone tomorrow! 

Week at a Glance:
Great Expectation Life Principle: Optimism 
Word Work: I can read and write words with VCe pattern. 
Reading: I can identify the author's purpose for writing a text. 
Writing: I can write informational text. 
Math: I can represent numbers to 120 (Place value).
Science: I can identify objects in the day and night sky.