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All About Me

My name is Heather Denune and I am so excited to be your child's teacher this year. I graduated from the University of Houston-Clear Lake with a bachelors degree in early childhood education. I am certified to teach Pre K-4th grade as well as ESL and Gifted and Talented. This will be my 13th year teaching in Tomball and all have been in first grade! I love being a first grade teacher and seeing the excitement and growth that occurs during this year. I have been married for 15 years to my husband Aaron and we have two daughters, Reese and Saige,  who will both be in Jr. High this year.  We also have a 16 year old golden retriever and getting a new golden puppy soon!  I love coffee, reading, people and Jesus! 
My main goal for your child is to LOVE school. I want them to be excited to learn and be apart of our classroom every single day. My focus is make your child a successful reader, writer and mathematician. We will reach for the GOLD every day!
My favorite things :
Favorite Food: Chick Fil A /Panera/Mexican
Favorite Stores/Things-Amazon, Hobby Lobby, Target
Favorite Drink: 1/2 and 1/2 tea, diet coke, skinny vanilla late
Hobbies: Reading, Movies, mani/pedi


January 25-29

Week at a Glance
Life Principle-Empathy
Specials-TTH pe MWF art/music
Word Work-I can read and spell r controlled vowels with "ir", such as shirt, dirt, girl etc. 
Reading-I can identify the central idea and details of a nonfiction text with adult assistance. 
Writing-I can write informational (all about) text. 
Math-I can add and subtract to sums of 20 using different strategies.
Science/Social Studies-I can describe the uses of soil, rocks and water. 

January 18-22

Week at a glance: 
Life principle: Justice 
TTH-PE Don't forget your shoes!
Tuesday is library day! 

Word Work: I can spell and read r controlled vowels with the _or_ sound. 
Reading: I can identify the central idea and supporting details with adult assistance. 
Writing: I can write informational text. 
Math: I can represent numbers to 120. We will take an assessment on Friday. 
Science/Social Studies: I can identify the uses of soil, rocks, and water.
*Monday is a holiday honoring MLK. Enjoy your day off. 

January 11-15

Life Principle of the week: Integrity 
Specials: MWF PE
T/TH Art/Music
Library -Tuesday 
Word Work-I can read and write words with r-controlled vowels. 
Reading-I can identify text features in nonfiction books. 
Writing-I can write informational text. 
Math-I can represent numbers to 120. 
Science-I can identify objects in the sky. 
We will be assessing reading levels during this time. Please continue reading at home and practicing sight words to help your child reach their reading goal. 

January 6-8

Welcome back! We are so excited to see everyone tomorrow! 

Week at a Glance:
Great Expectation Life Principle: Optimism 
Word Work: I can read and write words with VCe pattern. 
Reading: I can identify the author's purpose for writing a text. 
Writing: I can write informational text. 
Math: I can represent numbers to 120 (Place value).
Science: I can identify objects in the day and night sky.

Week at a Glance December 7-11

The Scholastic Book Fair is open! Join your kids in exploring titles and plots and discovering inspiring characters. Empower them by letting them choose the books to purchase—and bring on the joy of reading!

Remember, every dollar you spend will benefit our school directly (25% back in rewards!).

Be sure to visit the Fair during our allotted dates:


11/30 - 12/13!



Week at a Glance: 

Word work-I can read open and closed syllable words.

Reading-I can identify the plot of a story and describe the characters and setting. 

Writing-I can write a friendly letter. 

Math-I can collect and organize data. 

Science/Social Studies-I can identify the four seasons. 

November 16-20 Week at a Glance

GE Life Principle-Gratitude-The act of being grateful. 
Specials-PE T/TH (bring your shoes!)
Special Announcements: 
Tuesday 11/17 is our Sock Hop Dance A Thon.
*Please register your child https://www.getmovinfundhub.com/ and help our school raise money for a new play set! 

Week at a Glance: 
Word Work-I can decode and encode long U VCe words  (flute, rude, cube, mute). 
Reading-I can identify the character and setting within traditional literature in fables. 
Writing-I can edit and revise personal narratives. 
Math-I can use addition and subtraction to solve word problems to sums of10. We will take a math test on Friday 11/20. 
Science-I can describe how a magnet can push and pull an object. 
Social Studies-I can compare and observe holidays of celebrations such as Thanksgiving . 
Please continue to read at home! 

11/9-11/13 Week at a Glance

Work Work-VCe long o
Reading-Elements of Fairy Tales
Writing-Editing Personal Narratives
Math-Place Value to 50 and beginning word problems to 10
Science-Force and Motion
Social Studies-Veterans Day 
Turn in your Family Feather on Wednesday 9/11
50th day of school November 17th

Week at a Glance 11/2-6

Life Principle-Curiosity
Important Reminders
  1. No school on Tuesday (student holiday)
  2. On Wednesday we are sending home a thankful feather for you and your child to decorate. All instructions are included and they are due November 11th. We can't wait to see what first grade is thankful for. 
Word Work-We will learn to read and write VCe (long i) bike, stripe, etc
Reading- We will learn more about character and setting through dramatic literature. 
Writing-We will edit our personal narratives from last week. We will look for sight words, punctuation, capitalize, sentence structure and details in our drawings. 
Math-We will order and compare numbers to 50 using the >,<,= symbols as well as words and ordering on an open number line. 
Social Studies-We will learn about voting and public officials. 

Week at a Glance 10/26-10/30

Specials: TTH PE (don't forget your shoes!)
Library: Tuesday
Great Expectations Life Principle: Respect

Red Ribbon Week: 
Monday-Super hero day
Tuesday-Favorite Team or Jersey
Wednesday-Wear Neon
Thursday-Pumpkin attire
Friday-Dress as Story Book Character (no scary costumes) 
Word Work-We will learn how to read and spell VCe (long a) word such as cape, shake, etc
Reading: We will learn about characters and setting within dramatic literature (readers theatre)
Writing: We will continue to write personal narratives and learn how to edit and revise our writing.
Grammar: We will learn about plural and singular nouns (adding s). 
Math: We will learn more about place value (to 50) and adding new skills expanding and decomposing in a new way.
Science: We will learn about how light and heat energy are used in every day life. 
*Independent Reading at home: raz kids (reading a-z) every night and practice NEW sight word list for second nine weeks!

Week at a Glance 10/19-23

Music T
Art Th
Great Expectation Life Principle: Initiative-taking action 
Word Work-We will use all blends and digraphs with short vowels
Reading-We will review all fiction plot elements (setting, character, problem and resolution)
Please log on to raz kids to read every night for 20 minutes. 
Writing-We will continue to write personal narratives with attention to details and transitional words. 
Grammar-We will learn about verbs. 
Math-We will continue to use nonstandard measurement and telling time to the hour. We will take an assessment over these concepts on Thursday. 
Science-We will learn about sources of energy. 
Social Studies-We will learn about Texas. 
Picture Day is THIS Thursday! 

Week at a Glance 10/12-16

Word Work -We will spell and read word with r blends (tr, fr, gr, pr, br, dr)
Reading-We will describe the characters and plot in a fiction story.
Writing-We will write personal narratives with organization of beginning, middle, end. 
Math-We will use nonstandard measurement to determine length and tell time to the hour on analog clock. 
Science-We will describe how we use sound energy in every day life. 
Social Studies-We will identify citizenship. 
Great Expectation Life Principle of the Week-Flexibility-the ability to make adjustments or alter plans. 
Sound Project-Students can make a simple instrument to play at school on Friday 10/16/2020

Reading at Home

At this time we will not be sending home book bags with take home readers. But we will still practice reading at home through https://www.kidsa-z.com  
with online readers. Please practice logging on and reading every night!
The best part is you can read anywhere! You can access to digital books through a tablet, phone or computer. Have your child read on the way to practice, waiting for a table at the restaurant, or at grandma's house! 
1. It is important to have your child READ the books themselves. There is listening option they can do after they read the book by themselves. 
2. Have your child read 1-3 books if possible or 15-20 minutes of reading time. 
3. Ask your child questions about the books they have read. 
4. If you feel the assigned level  is too hard or too easy, please email me and I will adjust the level. 
5. Practice sight words in the blue folder! Sight words are an important part of reading success. 
We will have a reading rock star each week for students who are reading online. 
If you have any questions please feel free to email me!

Reading Kids A-Z

Dear Parent or Guardian:

Your child has access to award-winning digital resources through Kids A-Z, Learning A-Z's website created for students. After
your child logs in, each website your child's teacher has subscribed to is shown. Your child can work on assignments or select
other resources for reading and writing practice.

* Access resources on mobile devices by downloading the Kids A-Z app from the app store. Data rates may apply.

Kids A-Z Login Instructions
Step 1: Go to www.kidsa-z.com 
Step 2: Enter or choose the teacher's username, hdenune2
Step 3: Your child finds his or her username on the class chart, 
Step 4: Your child enters his or her password, (rabbit)
We will be sending home access cards this week for login help at home.

Week at a Glance 9/27-10/2

Reading: We will identify the character of a story and their actions.
Writing: We will write a personal narrative. 
Word Work: We will read and spell words using S blends with short vowels. 
Math: We will add and subtract numbers to sums of 10 using manipulatives. 
Science: We will learn about physical properties of matter (length and weight)
Social Studies: We will learn about rules and laws. 

Week at a Glance 9/21-9/25

Reminders: Bring headphones in a bag with your name. 
T: Music
TH: Art
Reading: We will begin learning about the setting (when and where) of a fiction story. 

Writing: We will generate ideas to write a personal narrative. 
Word Work: We will learn digraphs (sh, th, wh, ch) with short vowel words. 
Math: We will order and represent numbers to 50 using place value blocks. 
Science: We will learn about the properties of matter. 
Social Studies: We will learn about rules and laws at school, home and in the community.