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Classroom Schedule

My homeroom will follow the schedule below. Ms.Gullinese's homeroom will follow a similar schedule, they will just begin the day in her homeroom and end the day with me. 
8:30-8:50: Call to Excellence
8:55-9:15: Social Studies with Mrs.Heki
9:20-10:15: Specials
10:20-10:50: Intervention
10:50-11:45: Reading workshop
11:45-12:15: Lunch
12:20-12:40:Finish Reading Workshop
12:40-1:10: Writing Workshop
1:10: Switch
1:10-2:15: Math/Science with Ms.Gullinese
2:15-2:35: Recess
2:40-3:40:Math/Science with Ms.Gulllinese