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Great Expectations

Grand Oaks will be a Great Expectations campus! 



The mission of Great Expectations® is

to motivateinspire, and challenge individuals

to achieve excellence in learning and living.


(1) High Expectations - Teachers must hold high expectations of students. When students recognize those expectations, they will respond by reaching upward to achieve them. - Robert Rosenthal and Lenore Jacobson


(2) Teacher Attitude and Responsibility - Teachers who have positive attitudes possess the influence necessary to shape the attitudes of students. The teacher's attitude is one of a facilitator of learning who encourages and believes in students, and who requires excellence in every detail.  - Haim Ginott, John and Eunice Gilmore


(3) All Children Can Learn - All children can learn no matter what labels are placed upon them, whether it is learning disabled, low socioeconomic status, unstable home life, inner-city, or rural. -William Glasser


(4) Building Self-Esteem - Building self-esteem is the key to helping students believe they are capable of learning and motivating them to try.  - Harris Clemes, Reynold Bean, and Aminah Clark


(5) Climate of Mutual Respect - Students are empowered to take risks necessary for growth when encompassed in a climate of mutual respect in which mistakes are seen as opportunities to learn and their ideas and efforts are appreciated. The teacher must extend the same respect to students that he/she desires to receive from them.  - Rensis Likert


(6) Teacher Knowledge and Skill - The teacher must be knowledgeable and skillful in learning theory and teaching methods that enable students to achieve academic and social success.  -Benjamin Bloom